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Free TV Online is your source for Free TV Online. We full episode TV shows online, Free Movies, how to's for Connecting you PC to TV and TV Show / Movies reviews. Watch Free online TV and Free Movies on your computer in HD. (don't know how to hook up your computer to TV, check out our How-To section.)

At TV Shows Online you'll find all of your favorite TV series, the most popular movies online TV sites like Hulu, Fancast and more. We also cover everything you will need to know to hook up your PC to your TV. Thank you for visiting Free TV Online for free online for all of your TV on your PC needs!


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Check out Our Free TV Shows and Experience TV On Your Computer in HD! All Shows are full episodes.

For about 5 years now companies have been in a battle to provide the most free streaming online TV shows. The future is now, soon everyone will be hooking up there PC to there TV and watching free TV Online via streaming content straight from computer to HDTV.

Our how to guides will show you how to be ahead of the crowd by watching free streaming HD content on your big screen TV streaming online from your PC!

A full free episode of the New Girl TV Show Free Online In HD. Free Full Episode from Hulu. Watch this free TV series in High Definition on your big screen HDTV and many more right here on Free TV Online. is your number one resource for connecting your computer to TV and Watching HD TV & Free Movies online on your PC or HD TV.

New TV Shows Online Every Day

We put up new free full length episodes every day. We have TV series like SNL and Family Guy waiting for you to watch right here in HD. No matter what kind of content you are looking for whether it be a how-to on hooking up your laptop to PC or you want to kick back and watch a movie on your desktop we have everything above board and TV related. Make sure to shoot us a comment or question. We love to hear from you!

How To Watch Free TV Online

Ever wonder how to Watch TV for free online has stayed on top of the emerging trend of watching TV online from you computer. Whether you hook your computer up to your TV, use a device like roku or apple TV or even just watch on your hand held device or laptop.

Before you get started you need to know how to hook up your computer to your TV. Read our how to PC to TV guide for more information on hooking up your PC to your TV. You can also check out our section on adapters and cables for more information.

Watching TV online is getting easier every year! By now all of the major networks like ABC, NBC, FOX, and more have put out free TV full episodes of all the top TV shows online for free.  We have compiled the most comprehensive list of full episode free TV shows online.  You can now watch any free online TV show that you want, all from one place via our online TV links page.

Using Cables for PC to TV

If you are watching TV shows online then you need to hook up PC to TV. You can do this using a number of cables including HDMI, VGA, Component or more.

If you are going to watch TV Shows Online then you need to check out our guide to hooking up your computer to TV or if you are using a laptop use our how to connect laptop to TV guide.

Free TV Full Episode Shows

Watch thousands of free TV shows online. Watch some of the top TV shows like House, South Park, The Simpsons, Heroes, 30 Rock, Bones, Family Guys, Naruto Shippuden, Up All Night, American Dad and more right now! 

We only point you to the best sites and show you how to watch everything with the best resolution and immaculate audio.

Full Episodes Free streaming TV Online

All of the watch TV for free online shows provided through our site are available to watch online in HD.  That means that you can watch any full episode from any season of any TV show that you want; streaming free online via the top online TV sites like Hulu and Fancast. For an example try watching season 4 of Lost now and make sure to use the full screen function.

Hottest Shows Online

Watch TV for Free Online brings you the newest hottest full episodes of your favorite TV programs like The Office, Family Guy, The Voice, New Girl, 30 Rock, Naruto Shippuden, American Dad and More! Of couse we carry free Movies too!

You won’t find a more up to date list of all the new full episode TV shows online.  Not even from other “top sites” like Fancast, Hulu, Veoh, Quicksliverscreen, ABC, NBC, FOX, or anyone else.

Watching HD Content Free Online

Many of your favorite TV shows are available in HD with limited commercials. We will show you how to hook up any device to your television. We'll tell you what cables you need and where to get the hottest deals on HDMI, DVI, Mini DVI and more!

Movies Free

Not only are the hottest TV shows available for free, but movies are also becoming available too.  You can watch movies online from our movies online page.  That means free movies on the internet whenever you want.  From popular new titles to old classics we will point you to the best legal free HD TV and free movies sites around!

PC to TV

Get the inside scoop on what you will need to watch full episodes on your home TV today.  Since you can now watch TV for free online when ever you want, there are some great advantages to hooking up your PC to your TV. 

To learn more about hooking your PC to TV check out PC to TV right here.